We are a 100% virtual CPA firm, our team is located all over the United States. We are CPAs for Real Estate Investors, Syndicates and Fund Managers. We have a passion for real estate and own investment properties ourselves and are involved in real estate businesses.

As an administrator for a team of tax accountants at Hall CPA, you are responsible for the filing and faxing of the returns and other deliverables, the accuracy of action items and directions given to clients, the organizing of documents along the tax return process, and for managing customer service inquiries in delegated team inboxes. You must have a keen attention to detail and be very organized.

This role is important in setting the tone of our service with the client. The tone and promptness of your communication set the expectation for the rest of the process. An important part of this job is to encourage clients to submit documents and answer questions in a timely manner. To do this you will have to recruit others in the organization to help.

Areas of responsibility

  • Ensuring returns are filed and delivered according to guidelines, as directed by the tax manager and senior tax associate
  • Ensuring that clients are able to understand and follow instructions in the mailing and payment of tax returns
  • Process incoming files and sending files to outsourced preparers
  • Ensuring new and current clients are correctly cataloged in our software and information is up-to-date
  • Assist tax staff with client inquiries by monitoring delegated email inboxes

Activity Summary

  • Review client portal for missing documents, communicate missing documents to clients and follow-up consisntently
  • Update project management software when document packages have been received
  • Manage the e-signature process when tax returns are completed by following up with clients consistently until they sign their tax return
  • E-file tax returns in compliance with federal and state regaultions at the direction of Tax Managers and Seniors and then update the project management system to reflect the appropriate status
  • Email clients upon acceptance of their e-filed tax return
  • Provide assistance to client inquiries throughout the process by email, text messaging, or phone.
    • Solicit and answer client questions walking them through the process as necessary.


  • Timeliness and responsiveness.
    • Client inquiries responded to within 24 hours
    • Tax returns must be filed within 24 hours of being signed
    • Clients happiness with the process (this will be measured as part of a client survey)
  • Quality
    • Document package review accuracy as determined by feedback from 1st level review
    • Thoroughness of client communications, instructions, and next steps
  • Throughput (quantity)
    • Number of client inquiries answered
    • Average time spent for a client package to move through stages you are responsible for

Expectations for remote work.

  • Clean background
  • No noise in the background
  • Business casual attire for client interactions
  • Always (usually) use video (80% of communication is non-verbal)
  • Laptop and $250 tech reimbursement for computer/tech accessories provided

Guidelines for remote work

  • 80% of communication is non-verbal
  • Therefore have your video on and encourage them as well
  • You need to check in more often to confirm the mood/attitude
  • Ask questions to confirm your interpretation of their satisfaction with the company and with you.
  • Pay attention to who they are. Easy going/driver/difficult, stressed, anxious, trusting or not, challenging, quiet/talkative, speak their mind or reticent.

Pay + Benefits

  • $37,500 - $45,000 base comp
  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) matching (100% of the first 4% you contribute)
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Firm provided laptop + $250/year technology reimbursement
  • Hobby days ($150/quarter)
  • Peer-to-peer spot bonuses